Hans Kollhoff Architekten

“A new neighbourhood where living, working and going out offer a unique, contemporary experience”

In 1999 Project² purchased an abandoned plot of 2.5 acres by Willemdok in Antwerp on its own initiative. At that time the entire area was a dilapidated, post-industrial, desolate place with social problems and almost no public infrastructure. Project² set to work as an obsessed, inspired pioneer with great passion about the potential of the site and the dilapidated, but still beautiful warehouses that were once built around the dock by Napoleon.

Project² attracted German architect Hans Kollhoff to design a building that would upgrade the entire neighbourhood through its scale, modesty and timeless beauty, character and power. Project² also took the initiative to invest in a sustainable, quality public recreational area (not on its own grounds, but on the city grounds) to add new fervour and a boost of quality to the dock. Landscape architects Wirtz and Kollhoff designed a large mineral square lined with two rows of plane trees, covered in flat natural stone cobbles and including a promenade with benches along the water. Project² realised the project and transferred it to the city free of charge. A few years later the city converted the dock into a city marina and beautifully redesigned the recreational area in line with Project²’s design.

• Execution period :    2000-2004

• Architect :   Hans Kollhoff Architekten (Germany)

• Landscape architect :   Wirtz International (Belgium)

• Project value : 50.000.000 EUR

• Construction area :   23.000 m²

• Programme : 88 luxury apartments – 5.300 m² offices