Airport City


Bruno Albert


Airport City is a unique opportunity for developping your activity in the proximity of the Liège Airport, the 8th largest cargo airport in Europe and its passenger traffic in full expansion.

Why Airport City?

– one of the most dynamic hotspots in Belgium

– directly accessible from the motorway

– perfectly located at the crossroads of 6 motorways

– more than comfortable parking facilities

– maximal visibility for your business from the motorway and the airport

– immediate link with industrial, office and passenger services, such as hotels, restaurants, business parks, convenience stores

You can now benefit from the best locations in the 1st phase of the development which contains offices, services and spaces for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The buildings give you, on the one hand, a view of the airplanes and landing strip and, on the other hand, a view on the landscape sloping towards the valley of the Meuse, which is listed as a landscape Natura 2000. The offices are located in a park area, offering the possibility of eating outside or taking a break when the weather is good. Shops and services will be set up on the ground floor of the tower.