Our Vision


Project² is a unique real estate developer. It is filled with passion for architecture and a sense of social responsibility for society and cities as meeting places for people and their environment.

With passion and nuance, it sees architecture and landscape as cultural instruments to create buildings and neighbourhoods that have character and a soul. Work that ties into a long-term perspective: innovative and timeless.

The selected architects are therefore at the service of their creations rather than the other way round, even if they are nationally or internationally renowned. Some examples of the architects we work with are David Chipperfield Architects, Diener & Diener Architekten, Kollhoff Architekten, Robbrecht en Daem architecten, bOb Van Reeth, OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, Architecten De Vylder Vinck Taillieu, noAarchitecten, META Architectuurbureau, Wirtz and Günther Vogt.

The pursuit of sustainability is reflected in the timeless architectural creations of these masters, who are some of the best designers of our time. Project² also considers energy and environmental aspects as absolute priorities and ensures that its creations are masterly examples of sustainable engineering as well as beautiful architecture’.

Thanks to this unique expertise, which combines passion for the product with a rational approach, Project² has developed projects that have become truly renowned and the subject of many publications over the past 20 years. The added value that is created for the community, clients and investors in this way has led to collaborations and partnerships in terms of capital and projects with prestigious institutional (or para-institutional) investors, such as KBC Real Estate, SNS Property Finance (formerly ABN Amro), Reichmuth Bank, 3D, etc.

One of the key themes at Project² is to make quality architectural projects that are typically reserved for a limited elite affordable. This philosophy of democratisation is reflected among others in the fact that the apartments are priced between 150.000 EUR and 300.000 EUR.

Project² has a longstanding tradition of public-private partnerships, in which we have made considerable conceptual and financial contributions to the public environment of our projects for over 15 years. We created public gardens and squares for projects such as Koraalberg, Het Koninklijk Entrepot and Westkaai and subsequently donated them to the City of Antwerp.